Patient Instructions

Once I decide to undergo liposuction what should I do?

Make sure you have all the information we will be happy to clear any of your doubts. You may contact us by email. Mention your height, weight. You may send your photos also for an assessment.

1.Make sure you have obtained all the information you need; visit our web site. Read thoroughly the FAQ section. Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] or call us on 080-23392788/23392416/23180818/41148848/09739038714. DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK ANY QUESTION; WE ARE ALWAYS READY TO ANSWER.

Once you decide finally to undergo the procedure, you need to book the dates: for precise info on date availability, send an email or call 23392788/23392416/41148848/9739038714. Always provide your contact telephone nos.

2.Advance amount for booking: We need an advance payment of Rs. 10000/- to book the surgery, either by card/cash/cheque/online transfer. NO date will be confirmed without advance, as we have a waiting list of three weeks. If you wish to make online transfer , pl. send the same to our account number ICICI 015905002173 account name Venkataram M N. ICICI Vijaya Nagar Branch. Bangalore customer id 508718709 EC010 IFCS code: 0159. Call us or send SMS/email to confirm the transfer, with transaction details.

3.Payment of full amount is done before surgery; Balance full payment is to be paid before surgery either by cash/card only. If you wish to make Cheque payment for final amount, you should do so atleast 5 days before surgery date, so that the amount gets transferred to our account. You may also send the advance amount by western union. Credit card or debit card will attract a 2.25% charge. Make sure you have adequate balance in credit card or debit card.If you wish to use ATM machines, while there are ATM machines of all banks near the clinic, please note that there is a limit to withdrawal amounts and you need to come to the clinic little earlier as the ATM card machines are about a few hundred meters from the clinic. If you wish to make online transfer, you may do so in the clinic itself, if your account is in ICICI. However, in view of possible problems in internet connections, pl.arrive at the clinic early. Online transfer from accounts other than ICICI should be done two days before, as time is needed for the transaction.

4.Surgery will be done at Vijay Nagar centre.

5.If coming from outside Bangalore, make sure you reach Bangalore early, preferably previous night and relax.

6.You can not travel back on the same night of surgery- you should stay in Bangalore. If you need hotel accommodation, it can be arranged by our staff. Call 23392788/23392416.

7.Surgery may be either in the morning or afternoon; our staff will call and confirm to you one week before the date.

8.Is leave needed from office? No. leave may be needed for one day as bandage will be in place and needs to be changed on day 2 and days 3. After that you can return to work.

9.Blood tests: The following Blood Tests need to be done before surgery: Hb%, BT, CT, RBS, LFT, HBsAg, HIV-ELISA and ECG in all leads: these are simple and routine tests which may be done in any lab. It can be done with us also. Show the results to the doctor prior to the surgery or scan the results and send by email to [email protected]

On the day of surgery

1.Reach the centre by the time informed to you; do not be late. PLEASE COME ON TIME.

2.Ask clinic for directions- visit our website/google maps for directions

3.IMPORTANT: Do not come on empty stomach. COME ON A FULL STOMACH. Have proper lunch/breakfast depending on the time of arrival

4.Wear comfortable loose fitting dress .

5.Don’t bring any valuable things (gold items) in your bags/ shirt to the clinic, if you have handed over to nurse for safe custody.

6.On arrival, our nurse and doctor will prepare the skin .

7.Surgery will take about 3-5 hours.

8.You may travel back in auto/car/taxi but not on two wheeler; you cannot drive after surgery when you go back to home, nor can sit on pillion; if you wish to go by city taxi, ask at our front office.

9.There is no need for any one else to accompany you; however, if you wish to bring any friend/ relatives, you are welcome.

Again, we remind you to feel free to ask any question you want, however minor they are; do not hesitate. We receive patients from all over the world and most of these queries are by e-mail. Hence we understand that proper communication is important.

After going back:
Please note that liposuction is a very predictable surgery; all postoperative events are already informed to you, so there is no need for any anxiety. DO NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT PAIN AS IT IS NOT MUCH.

1.Have light food, Rice, Dal, Chapatti, Rasam and non-spicy food. Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol.
2.Take medicines as per the prescription. All capsules to be taken after food or with a glass of milk- but not on empty stomach.
3.You may watch TV/Listen to music.
4.Avoid exertion.

If there is any urgent problem beyond what is already mentioned, you may contact us on 23392788/23392416/23180818 after 8.00 pm. ONLY if urgent call on 9900564567.

Next day: You need to come back for removal of bandage- you can not remove this your self.Time for this will be informed to you.You can have breakfast as usual. Take capsules after breakfast. When you come to the clinic, our nurse will remove the bandage. Always feel free to ask any doubts.

Dr. Jayashree Venkataram, MRCOG(Lond), Liposuction surgeon, Venkat Charmalay-centre for advanced dermatology, 3437, Subbanna Garden, next to BTS garage, Vijay Nagar, Bangalore – 560040. Ph: 23392788, 23180818, 23392416