Fat Transfer

Liposculpturing is a method to sculpture the human body and alter its shape, either by removing fat by liposuction or injecting fat by fat transfer.


Fat transfer is the concept of injecting human fat back into a patient in order to fill holes or plump up certain areas of the body.

This method is used in the following situations:

    • Natural defects such as sunken cheeks
    • Defects on the face and wrinkles in aged skin
    • Defects after acne scars
    • In certain skin diseases such as scleroderma
    • Depressions caused by injury
    • Depressions caused by injections such as steroids.


This is a simple method under local anesthesia lasting about 1 hour. Fat is usually taken from thigh or buttocks using a suction syringe. It is transferred on to another container and any fluid is removed. The concentrated fat is the injected through a syringe under local anesthesia to the recipient area. A simple dressing is put and the patient is sent home.

Results are seen with in a week.

What are the advantages of fat transfer over artificial fillers?

Several artificial fillers are available. These are very expensive, last only for a short time. In fat transfer, since natural fat from the patient herself is used, there are no allergic reactions. The injected fat usually last for 1-3 years. The method is also cheaper when compared to artificial filler substance.